Review of InsuranceOwl.org’s Pitbull Hero Stories

InsuranceOwl has recently come up with a novel collection of heroic stories based on real life instances and surrounding the much popular, much-loved dog breed, the pitbull. The major premise of publishing such stories, is to shed light on the importance of this breed and the many ways in which they have helped their owners in the past from various dangers and life-threatening situations. At the same time, it also prompts pitbull owners to enroll and subscribe for pitbull friendly home insurance that guarantees the well-being of the dog.

The positive Pit bull stories describe the daring nature of pitbulls, by describing how the pet pitbulls have played pivotal roles in the past, by saving the child of the family from critical situations of fire, bee swarms and other harmful animals. Overall the stories highlight the pitbulls as true heroes, as they safeguard both home as well as its residents.


The positive Pit bull stories stories are not only interesting and lucid to read, but also act as concrete examples to prove the heroic traits inherent in this particular dog breed. These stories serve to provide convincing evidence of the stupidity of pitbull ban, imposed in the year 2012, which stated that anyone with a pitbull would be fined heavily or made to undergo legal proceedings. In this regard, it is important to mention the pitbull Isis, who helped to alleviated this ban by saving his owner from attack. These stories have established the fact that pitbulls are caring towards other weaker animals like cats and birds, and never falter to take a lead in grave situations. All the stories convey a subtle message to the readers, i.e to keep their pitbulls protected and opt for pitbull friendly home insurance to protect against lawsuits. 


As with everything else in this world InsuranceOwl Pitbull stories may be a reader’s marvel, but they do come with some teeny weeny drawbacks. Firstly, they carry an air of exaggeration for most people, although pet lovers are bound to fall for their stories headlong! Secondly they lack a global connect and do not elaborate pitbull stories from the eastern parts of the world. This may be a little disappointing for readers hailing from such regions.

Final Recommendations

The positive Pit bull stories are nevertheless a thing of revelation, especially for people who only recognize pitbulls for their aggressive nature. These tales mark the faithful, daring and friendly traits of the pitbull heroes and urge dog owners to opt for home insurance, in a subtle yet convincing manner. Thus, it is surely an honest effort on the part of the writers.

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